Pupsicles Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

With summer time just around the corner, you want to keep Rover healthy and hydrated. Check out this COOL WATERMELON PUPSICLE recipe below.  These nutritional doggy treats are real easy to make and your canine companion will love you all the more when you serve them up.

According to the National Watermelon Promotion Board, this versatile fruit contains only 50 calories per cup and is more than 90% water, making it one of our favorite ways to help keep your dog hydrated.  Watermelon is low in cholesterol, has zero fat and is packed with nutrition.  There is Vitamin A to help maintain a healthy coat, Vitamin B1 for a healthy appetite and improved nervous system, as well as B6, potassium and magnesium.

If you ever offer your dog fresh, raw watermelon, do so with a few simple safeguards in mind. The seeds and rinds can be damaging to your pups gastrointestinal tract, so always remove the rind and try to use seedless melon if available.  Otherwise, cube your melon, and be careful to remove all the seeds before serving.







2    Cups Seedless Watermelon (pureed)

1    Cup Coconut Water or Milk

1    Tablespoon Honey (optional)



  1. Scoop out watermelon – it must be seedless. Remove seeds if any, but save yourself the trouble and buy a seedless watermelon. Add to blender and puree until smooth.

  2. Add coconut water/milk and honey to blender and pureed watermelon. Blend well.

  3. Pour into ice cube trays and cover with plastic wrap or bag to avoid spillage. If you’re using hard plastic ice cube trays, you’re safe from most spillage. But if you’re like me and used silicone bone molds, you’ll need something flat to lay them on. If you don’t, you’re looking at a sticky mess on your floors and freezer. Before you pour, put the silicone mold on something flat that you can move to your freezer, like a cutting tray or a piece of cardboard. Instead of lifting and placing just the flexible silicone mold, you can pick up the stable surface area instead.

  4. Freeze overnight.

  5. To remove from tray, let sit on counter for a few minutes to loosen frozen treat. Twist tray to remove treat from mold. Make about 30 treats.




Photo1 + Article Source: PetGuide
OtherPhoto Source: Grrfeisty


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