The Box is King of All Cat Toys

Okay, so maybe you were thinking the red laser light was king.  Why don’t we just have some fun and call it a draw? Honestly, what is it about cats and boxes?  Aside from the fact that any place is a good place for a catnap, they find safety and security in this cardboard confined space. Shoe box, shirt box, soda box, egg carton, you put it out there, and your cat is sure to explore.  They will hunt, sleep, stalk, hide, do yoga, play, take a bath, watch TV, etc. in a piece of cardboard.   Despite the many options in the cat toy department, the almighty box seems to reign time and time again. Those furry little felines can’t get enough of them!

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It is well known that cats gain comfort and security from confined spaces. So it is no wonder that your leftover corrugated box could become kitty’s new resting place. The normal body temperature for felines is about 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering most people keep their homes roughly 25 degrees cooler than this year round, it should be expected for them to find a warm cozy place to nap.  The insulation from the corrugated box combined with their body heat makes for a snug, comfortable bed. Maybe dreams of mouse tartar topped with catnip, or Tuna Surprise and a Red Dot dessert?

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Cats are natural predators and from hone this skill from birth and learn to stalk their prey. House cats, however, stalk just about everything but the kitchen mouse.  What better place to hide from this “prey” than in that brand new empty box, conveniently placed in the middle of the room? When your feline is feeling frisky and wants to play, the cardboard box is our go-to answer.

Keep in mind that any size or shape will do. Just leave it out so they can see it. Before too long, they will come sauntering over to that magical box and make a new friend. Don’t have a box? Relax, a basket, paper bag or even a pair of shoes will do just the trick.


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In the video below, you might think this feline was practicing for a new X-games event. Watch as this adventurous feline ran quickly, jumped in the box head first and then slid 5 feet across the kitchen floor. Then posed for the camera like a true Olympian. Needless to say, he took the gold medal in the event, while being sufficiently entertained for hours.

Don’t disregard the fresh cardboard that has arrived at your front door too quickly. Consider taking a few selfies with your yoga-kitty first and don’t forget to share the love with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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